About Condor Labs


At Condor Labs we work really hard to create an environment where employees perform their best work, live outside their comfort zone and are willing to challenge our status quo. Our products are the reflection of a team focused on making life easier for our customers and end users. We take good care of all the details that go into our products and everything starts by taking good care of our employees.


We aspire to become a leading software company in Colombia whose proven success around its idea to optimize for the employee's joy inspires other companies to follow our path for the good of our community and industry.

Engineering values

Employees as first class citizens

We care deeply about how our employees perform their best and provide anything necessary for that to happen. Motivated and challenged employees produce great work consistently, which allows the company to achieve new highs. We expect employees to be passionate about their craft and inspire other people not only in our company but in our local community as well. We respect their differences because different points of view create better outcomes. A great place to work is also one where you can find great colleagues you can learn from. We prefer the hacker approach to doing things, one that involves continuous improvements iteratively, and that considers that something can always be better and that nothing is ever complete.

Embrace innovation and learn from failures

We should constantly challenge the status quo or the way of doing things. We prefer to take smart risks than staying put. We advocate new technology if that represents an improvement in any area our users value most: responsiveness, resilience and easy to use products. We don’t encourage failures, but we know they are part of our path and make the most out of them. We aim to have a workplace which promotes technology exploration rather than inhibits it. We adopt technologies/tools that have proven useful for our use cases instead of deploying new shinny things and hope for the best.

Value simplicity

Simple solutions that get the job done are hard to find, that’s why we value people with deep understanding of our business and technology who are able to come up with elegant solutions to hard problems. Simplicity allows us to move faster.

Ownership thinking

We expect employees to be the owners of our software products, to really care about our code and its correct maintenance and evolution, to be ego-less when searching for the best solutions, to question technical decisions if they will produce short-term wins but jeopardize our product architecture’s vision, to have good judgement and make good decisions (technical, workflow, people) that create better products even when dealing with ambiguity.