About us


ISF De Colombia

We were born from ISF USA as ISF de Colombia.


We started our story in the beautiful city of Cartagena, next to the sea.



We expanded and opened a new office in Medellín.


Condor Labs is born

We decided to make a stop along the way to reborn as an organization based on who we are, our identity, and on what we want to become. We chose our name, for being the Condor an endemic bird, unique like us, with an imposing personality and capable of flying very high.

Condor Awards

In order to recognize achievements, laugh at ourselves and have a big family time we created the Condor Awards, a ceremony in which we give recognitions to outstanding Condorians in a series of categories ranging from fun ones to admirable and serious ones.

Damasco Doctrine

We defined our own work and development methodology based on agile practices so we can deliver quality products in a short time.


Condor Band

Since several Condorians have artistic talents we decided to form a band to play in the Condor Awards, as well as other important days such as women’s day and the Condor Labs Birthdays.

Production team

We created a specialized team that works on critical requests and bugs directly on the production environment.


Jacksonville branch

We needed to expand to the USA to be closer to our American clients, so we opened a branch in Jacksonville, Florida. That’s where our Production Team works.

Member #100

After years of growing and expanding our offices we reached a very important milestone. We hired our member number 100. That helped us to see how far we’d gone and to visualize the road ahead.

Condor Tower Cartagena

We started growing a lot and we needed a new home so all the Condorians could work comfortably. In July we moved to our new offices in the Condor Tower. Modern, spacious, beautiful offices. This is the symbol of our rebirth.

Condor Tower Medellín

Our Condorians in Medellín also got a new home in line with the new environment we designed. An environment of collaboration, lateral thinking and having fun.

Kuntur is born

We created an illustration that represents our culture, our origins and our spirit. We call it Kuntur and it's placed on all important graphical material we make.


Work from Home

When we had to leave our offices due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we started working from home and we adapted extremely fast to this new way of working. We still have Condor Family Time activities, we constantly talk with our coworkers and friends and our productivity has even increased!

Condorians all over the country

We expanded to every city in Colombia. We're welcoming Condorians from every corner of our country.


First condor born in captivity

The first condor is born in captivity in the National Aviary of Cartagena, and Condor Labs sponsors it, contributing to the preservation of the species.


One Goal, One Community

Today after 5 years of achievements, learnings and challenges, we begin a new cycle together with CE Broker and EverCheck, the two companies with whom we have worked hand in hand for a long time. Now we are ONE COMMUNITY, with ONE GOAL.

New brand

Our logo evolves to align us more with the vision of a single community. We want everyone to know the impact we have on society with our daily work and how technology is our best ally to make life easier for those who make life easier for everyone. That’s why our slogan becomes: “Developing delightful solutions for everyday heroes”
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